Winning Proof Unscripted Podcast

Jul 10, 2023 | Podcasts

Every human has experienced loss and grief at some point in their life. Athletes experience identity crises as they move through their sports careers. How do you deal with it? In healthy ways? Unhealthy?

Dr. Trujillo is an industry expert in the areas of loss, grief, and identity for athletes and others. She helps individuals work through loss, whether your loved one has passed or is still alive. Her delightful personality adds a beautiful dimension to what she refers to as “her life calling.” She’s working on her first book about grief and loss and her fresh approach will make it a must-read!!

Tasha Trujillo, Ph.D. Counseling & Sport Psychologist

Owner/Outpatient Psychologist, NPT Therapy Psypact Certified USOPC Mental Health Registry


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