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Mental Skills Training/Performance Enhancement:

Sessions may be focused on specific mental blocks/difficulties related to performance whether it be in sport, the arts, career, or any other performance domain. The focus is on skill building to work through distress in the moment and execute performance for desired results. Other aspects of mental health will likely also be addressed to provide a more comprehensive perspective.

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Team Interventions:

Sessions may be focused on helping an entire team increase communication, cohesion, and collaboration and work towards shared goals of success. Sessions may be with or without coaches/supervisors depending on the comfort and needs of all parties involved. Sessions could be a one-time educational session (e.g., suicide prevention training; athletes and eating disorders) or ongoing sessions (e.g., working through interpersonal conflict and ways to increase teamwork principles).

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Coaching Consultations:

Sessions may be focused on helping increase awareness, education, and understanding of general mental health/sport psychology concepts to support either a specific athlete/performer or impact the overall culture of the environment for the better. Consultation can also provide direction for other resources for anyone on the team who may need additional support. Problem-solving techniques can also be utilized to process current difficulties and brainstorm ways to absolve distress and increase satisfaction and commitment.

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Behavioral Observation:

To better address any of the services above, it may be useful to utilize behavioral observation to watch dynamics/performance in the moment. This may include Dr. Trujillo attending practices, games, or visiting an organization to get a better sense of distress and formulate more effective interventions and suggestions.

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For pricing on consultations, team interventions, and speaking engagements, please schedule a phone consultation or send Dr. Trujillo a message.