Mind your Fitness Podcast

Jul 10, 2023 | Podcasts

Dr. Natasha Trujillo is a licensed counseling and sport psychologist who obtained her doctorate degree from Purdue University in Counseling Psychology in 2019 where she built specialties in grief/loss, self-injury, and addressing mental health needs and access to services with collegiate athletes. During her time in collegiate athletics, she conducted interventions to address concerns both in and out of sport for athletes, teams, coaches, and entire athletic departments. She worked to increase knowledge and awareness of athlete mental health, including athletes with eating disorders and body image concerns. She also went on to work as a therapist at an eating disorder treatment program specializing in high performance athletes.

Natasha brings a unique perspective on mental health, athletic performance, and mental toughness to the conversation. Together, we cover topics from mental health challenges in certain sports, body image and athletic body ideals, eating disorders in athletes, and the challeges of grief and loss in athletes and eating disorder recovery.

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