JenUp Podcast – The Links Between Trauma and Eating Disorders

Oct 17, 2023 | Podcasts

Podcast ALERT! I had the honor of joining @askjenup and @sam_woodfieldcoach on the JenUp
podcast. In the episode, we discussed the multidirectional ties between trauma, eating disorders, grief, and loss.

The JenUp podcast is a UK- based movement dedicated to shedding light on mental health, physical wellness, and debunking myths surrounding eating disorders. Feeling beyond grateful for the opportunity to share my insights and sit with the admirable vulnerability displayed in our conversation. Big shoutout to Jen and Sam for the invite!

Have you ever recognized a link between trauma, eating behaviors, and the grief process in either
yourself or someone you know? How did this realization impact your understanding or approach to
supporting, understanding, and healing? Share your story in the comments below. If our chat resonated with you, please spread the love by liking, sharing, and following my pages!

You can find the links to this episode below:



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