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Natasha P. Trujillo, Ph.D.

Licensed psychologist specializing in working with athletic populations with general mental health and performance needs.

Communication, collaboration, and flexibility

My approach to treatment.

I believe the core tenets necessary to increase motivation and commitment to change begin with a strong therapeutic relationship built on trust, understanding, and hope that your goals are achievable.

I remain curious and tentative in my approach to help you come to your own solutions about what will help you work towards balance, success and satisfaction in your life.

"Getting help isn't about meeting with someone who will "shrink" you, it's about learning who you are to help make you stretch."

– Dr. Trujillo

My services

What situations can I help you with?

Individual Therapy Services

Offers individual therapy services for: Grief / Loss, Life Transitions, Disordered Eating / Eating Disorders, Depression, Trauma, Anxiety, Perfectionism and more.

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Sport Psychology Services

Enhance your mental skills and performance through one-on-one training, team interventions, coaching consultations, or behavioral observation.

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Outreach Services

Provides Suicide Prevention Training (i.e., QPR), education, and consultation to a variety of audiences on mental health and sport psychology concepts. These engagements can help to create improved awareness, problem-solving, productivity, performance, and relationship dynamics.

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Available to consult about cases or questions with regard to athletes, eating disorders, grief/loss, or trauma and can provide supervision for mental health providers seeking licensure in any of the PSYPACT states.

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Additional Information

PSYPACT Certified

PSYPACT is an interstate compact designed to allow licensed psychologists to practice  telepsychology and conduct temporary face-to-face practice of psychology across state boundaries legally and ethically without necessitating that an individual become licensed in every state to practice.

Dr. Trujillo is PSYPACT certified in 37 states and is also licensed in Iowa and Florida. https://flhealthsource.gov/telehealth/

USOPC Mental Health

Dr. Trujillo is on the United States Olympic and Paralympic (USOPC) Mental Health Registry as a licensed mental health provider able to work with elite athletes across all sports.


Colorado Ballet

Dr. Trujillo is currently the psychologist for the Colorado Ballet where she is building a comprehensive mental health program for professional dancers and the CB staff. Her responsibilities include designing protocols to handle mental health crises and eating disorders, providing individual therapy, creating education and training modules for dancers and staff on a variety of mental health topics, serving on the DEI committee to improve an equitable culture of respect and understanding, and consulting with dancers and staff on all things mental health and performance.


Sits on the advisory board and educates, consults, and accepts referrals from the Danscend community for mental health and sport psychology needs.

Wilhelmina Denver

Preferred provider for talent and provides education and consultation services to staff and talent as needed.

Portland Thorns

Consults with Portland Thorns staff as needed and sees individual players for mental health and sport psychology needs.

Stroll Hilltop

Vetted and preferred provider for residents of the Hilltop neighborhood in Denver, CO.

Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor

Brainz Magazine

Dr. Trujillo has been selected by Brainz Magazine to serve as an executive contributor for their personal development division. She will be penning monthly articles, designed to be easily comprehensible, offering concise insights into enhancing mental well-being and optimizing performance.


how it works

Session Format

Currently, all individual sessions are being held virtually. Individual sessions are typically 45-50 minutes in length once a week. We will work together to determine frequency of sessions and come up with a treatment plan to ensure we are working towards what you want to get out of sessions.

Team sessions, speaking engagements and other services may be held virtually or in-person, depending on space and needs.

Costs of other services are to be determined. Please reach out for more information here.

Elevate Your Doing, Transform Your Being

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